10 Tips On How To Survive Sales Interviews [Infographic]

You’ve finally gotten the interview you’ve been hoping for, and after working so hard to get it, it would be disappointing if you didn’t fully prepare yourself for it.

The interview is the most crucial part when searching for a new job. Despite of what is written on your CV, it’ll be the impression you make on your interviewer which can make the difference between getting the job or not.

Here we’ve created this simple graphic illustrating some tips on how to conduct yourself through out your interview.

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TIps for sales roles


Interviewers are still amazed at how many candidates do not prepare themselves for their interview. Some candidates can be a little too casual, coming across as not really being that interested in the role.

Others are too confident and can come across as being arrogant. And give off an impression that they don’t really need this job.

Others are not confident enough and work themselves into a full state of nerves and completely break down.

All these scenarios can be easily avoided by doing some basic preparation for your interview.

Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job!