Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

At Saul & Partners no one client is the same, therefore we find it extremely important to stay on top of the new up and coming Internet trends. In this simple infographic we aim to inform you a little on the ‘Mobile Marketing’ scene and how consumers engage with different mobile devices.

With this data you can gain a better understanding on what are the consumers preferences and apply these to your own business to attract a larger audience.

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Mobile marketing infographiccc


The infographic is broken into 3 sections:

  1. Which devices are consumers mostly using
  2. Different types of mobile marketing
  3. Average time spent on mobile devices.



Which devices are consumers mostly using- It’s key to know what devices consumers use most, as this will help to direct where you should be marketing your business.

From the data the desktop is still the most popular device with smartphones right behind, however there is also an increased popularity in SmartWatches.


Different types of mobile marketing- Like there are various mobile devices, there are various different types of mobile marketing. If one way doesn’t seem to be working for your business try another and you might end up with more successful results. Experiment and find what works for you and your consumers.


Average time spent on mobile devices- It’s important to know how much time your consumers are spending on their devices in order to gauge how much of time you have to grab their attention. From the data we saw that the UK spends an average of 2.2 hours on social media, with this in mind you know where you need to target and how long consumers are spending on the site.