New Vacancies

We currently have an array of vacancies available at Saul & Partners. Ranging from sales manager to director roles. Have you been looking for that sign to progress in your career? This may be it.

Wondering why this may be the optimum time to consider a career change? Here’s why- since it’s summer many job seekers (or workers planing a career change) question wether or not they should put their job hunting on hold. Because it’s summer the assumption is that recruiters are harder to get a hold of, it’s harder to arrange interviews or they are generally not in a hiring mood. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Annual surveys have shown that recruiters tend to hire more during this time of year. With the slower pace that summer brings it means there is more time to schedule interviews. Also the interviewing process can have the tendency of speeding up rather than slowing down as holiday schedules may require faster decision making than usual.

Since the Autumn period tends to be the busiest with companies trying to reach their goal for the forth quarter and preparing for the holidays, summer is the best time to plan and prepare for the upcoming busier months. Also with summer being less busier season it means employers see it as good time to bring in new talent and train them for the months ahead.

The fact that summer is a low-key time means that potential employers would be more open and receptive to your enquires and pitches. With the work schedules of some people being less crowded you have more of a chance of scoring an interview and networking with potential employers.

So, even though you would rather be out soaking up some much needed vitamin D, you should be brushing the dust off your CV and putting yourself out there. Focus on the end goal and you’re guaranteed to land your dream job.

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