How to make yourself more findable on Twitter

We all know Twitter is a great way to keep yourself updated with whats currently going on in the world, but did you know it can also be a great recruiting tool?

Using Twitter as a recruiting tool contains a lot of benefits including: a huge user database of relevant and engaged professionals, the use of hashtags and keywords makes hunting down specific topics a lot easier and quicker, you can also isolate specific users into various talent pools which in turn makes searching for talent faster and more efficient.

Just as recruiters can use Twitter as a tool to find hidden talents, you also need to make yourself find-able. Reverse engineer the below model to ensure you’re the talent that needs to be found.

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How to find talent using twitter

  1. Start with an exact search- Enter what you are looking for in quotation marks, for example a specific job title
  2. Do an alternative search-  You do this by adding an OR between terms, ensure you are using quotation marks also
  3. Do an inclusive search- If you are looking for someone with multiple skills use AND between terms, again use quotation marks
  4. Avoid using the minus sign- Try not to include the minus sign (-) in your search
  5. Look at tweets addressed to specific users- You do this by searching to:their username
  6. Look at tweets sent from specific users- You do this by searching from:their username
  7. View tweets within or near a specific location- Search for near:location or near:location within 10mi
  8. Search for tweets between certain dates- Type in since:your date until your date
  9. Search for tweets which contain links- Type in the term you are looking for followed by ‘filter:links’
  10. Find specific content using social media- Enter the term you are looking for plus its source, i.e. sales director source:Facebook