From Google to Facebook these two companies have adtech at their core and they continue(and most likely will continue) to dominate our internet experience. And now more than ever technology looks to be a vital role in the monetisation of mobile content.

If you do not know by now, ad-tech refers to the digital and analytics tools used in order to inform advertising and marketing. However, the ad-tech sector is a very much vague space and one that continues to shift and evolve.

Digital advertisers and (in much more broader terms) marketers are becoming a lot more like data scientists, and the use of metrics in order to inform their work has become a lot more vital.

Ad-tech can be quite fluid and takes on many forms. Some of which are: mobile apps, software-as-a-service and e-commerce.

Here we’ve gathered just some of the main ad-tech statistics from last year in the UK.

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