Chief Technical Officer

Salary: max £145k base + bens + bonus

Summary: Our client is experiencing significant growth in their media & entertainment customer base globally and require a seasoned and motivated CTO to help them expand their technology platforms.

What they do: Our client is a leading AVoD Media & Entertainment video provider. AVoD consumption provides high volumes of rich but anonymized consumption behavior data.


Aside from the analytics tools provided by the distribution platforms that serve the video content most 3rd party tools are unsophisticated and limited by not having access to deep data but only that which is available in API or can be scraped.

Our client assess how their content and videos are engaged with by their audience and look for ways to measure that engagement at:

– A global level
– A local level
– At different times of the day
– With multiple brands
– With multiple formats
– And at a network level

Our client wants to continuously improve their understanding of:

– the audience demographics
– the platforms they use and the drivers of the platform recommendation algorithms
– quantitative and qualitative audience feedback
– the optimal content types for our audience

Our client needs to analyze owned data across a range of platforms and brands and audience demographics and they need to optimizetheir content for ad-serving.


Skills and Experience:

Applicants should be excited about the opportunity to:

– define the metadata around the content prior to upload
– build a content management system or adapt an off-the-shelf
– build a publishing system which can adapt how content is published and the metadata around it is described (or adapt an off-the-shelf)
– building tools that deliver real-time analytics around consumption data (in google studios or similar)
– building reporting systems which drive business decisions in production and distribution across the company
– making tools which inform the paid marketing campaigns through effective a/b testing of spend and analyzing responses

There are essentially two roles here, the building or adapting of software to securely store, manage, publish and report on video content – so video CMS, database integration, API integration, video format understanding, secure video delivery and good front end dashboard design would be pluses.

Secondly the effective management and analysis of data is the priority so familiarity with significant data queries, machine learning, data analysis and data manipulation are vital.

The data itself ranges from video descriptions to video performance data to video monetization data.


Location: Central London