Our recruitment process

Our process ensures we match the best candidates with our clients in terms of experience and personality. We ensure we fully understand the requirements of the client, allowing us to develop the best recruitment strategy and recommend the most suitable candidates.

The process


We adopt a variety of methods to identify candidates depending on the role. Our reputation attracts many direct and recommended applications. Building on an initial phone interview and a comprehensive face-to-face assessment, the candidate’s understanding of the investment industry is extensively tested during an in-depth discussion with one of our consultants. This ensures only the most appropriate candidates are presented to our clients.

How we operate


We believe that things have to be done in a clear but perfect manner. Our clients trust us because we deliver exactly what they need. For us each stage of our recruitment process is key and it begins with the research process. Using the latest tools and with a first class professional team, we approach the individuals who best match the target profile.

Maintaining a constant and transparent relationship with both clients and candidates, we provide feedback at all times of the process. For us, it’s all about talent. Each candidate is not just a number, but an individual.



We believe success comes through effort and knowledge. Saul&Partners started building its own strong professional team, requiring the right background for its niche specialisations.  Our professionals have finance backgrounds, finance degrees, in order to perfectly understand the projects we have mandates for and are involved in. As a plus, some of our professionals have additional skills such as Psychology degrees, providing us with an immediate edge with respect to accurate candidate profiling (DISC Profiling) or being able to give candidates advice, company/organisation culture, cultural change (i.e. relocation).

Communication is one of our core values, and is an area we pride ourselves whereby combined, the team is fluent in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian and Polish.

We believe it is key to focus on each client. That’s why each project is under supervision by a Lead Consultant.



As a result of our service and expertise, some of our senior candidates have become clients even though we did not place them, trusting us to build their teams.


Pulling Power


With our experience, we are conscious of how difficult it can be to sell a job, especially with the difficulties suffered during this phase of the economic cycle.

Our commitment is to present a job in the best and most attractive way, to catch the attention of the best qualified people. Because sometimes it’s not just about the monetary improvement but rather the whole package a job offers to deliver the best work/life balance. This is why Saul&Partners has compelling high calibre jobs for experienced professionals.

Candidate presentation


Once we’ve selected the most suitable candidates we invite them for an interview. It’s here where we connect; screen and match, share thoughts and preferences about the jobs.

Our clients receive the original format of the candidates’ CVs so they can assess the knowledge of their potential future employees. We elaborate a summary of the candidates’ skills, creating a unique presentation, which is attached with the original CV.

Follow through

Book and pen

Saul&Partners maintains and ensures constant feedback with clients/candidates during the hiring process throughout the cycle of a search project. Due to this, once placed our candidates who become clients, request our services to build their own respective teams.


Formed in 2006, Saul&Partners is an executive search consulting firm specialising in talent management for permanent staff and interim consultants.

We provide search services for vertical niche markets of Media,  Digital Technology / AdTech / MarTech / FinTech / Education-Tech / L&D / Affordable Luxury / Media & Entertainment. We search for executives from Business through to Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Operations, Trading and Campaign Analytics.

Founder – Kelvin Saul

Prior to forming Saul&Partners, Kelvin Saul gained an earlier 18 year risk management and regulatory consulting career at Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Insurance & Pension firms and Management Consultancies, spanning London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Amsterdam. This experience enabled him to pivot in to the digital space via FinTech and then in to the broader digital media sector.



Executive Search

Specialised in executive search services, candidate assessment is designed to identify the very best talent for your executive search needs.

We believe that the assessment of client culture is fundamental to matching and providing the highest quality individuals. Having being given a mandate for an executive new hire need, we immerse ourselves into the client culture almost as if we were part of that firm. Saul&Partners is conscious that this nets the best results, for this reason we work with our clients as a “part of their team” and not just as an external service.


Board Level Search

We never forget the main resource of a company is its people. To guide this resource, we endeavour to source the best board level talent.

Our expertise and market intelligence enables us to deliver the most qualified candidates, with the strongest backgrounds, because we understand your present and future needs.


Interim Executive Search

Saul&Partners is aware that sometimes the need for immediate permanent talent can’t wait, where clients need to achieve their objectives quickly. Identification of candidates to cover temporary absences in top-level positions via interim solutions brings flexibility to your organisation, ultimately enabling you fast responses to your short term challenges.


Team Search

We know how much effort is involved with finding the right people and how imperative it is to build a successful team. Individually it can take several years to have your dream team, when actually this can be achieved in a significantly reduced amount of time. Identification of the best professional teams for companies who do not want to hire executives individually, but are looking for a consolidated team can be provided by allowing Saul&Partners to bring this talent to you.